The Agency

A Brand Experience agency with a solid foundation in the Middle East and Africa.

We are not an advertising agency. We are not a communications agency. We are a Brand Experience team. We stand at the axis of possibilities to create real exchanges between your brand and people.

We ensure that our clients enjoy a single point contact, strategic communication consistency across the region. Incorporated in 1998, the agency has grown from strength to strength, adding experience in years as well as its talents.

Our policy to hire the best brains, in all departments, has been the key factor to our phenomenal growth.


What Do We Do?

BRAND what do you want consumers to think and feel about you?

STRATEGY what do you really do and why should people care?

EXPERIENCES how to get people interact with you in unique, yet memorable, ways?

COMMUNICATIONS how and where do you talk to people?

PRODUCT-USER INTERFACE how do people interact with your product?

SOCIAL INNOVATION what are you doing to make the world better?

RESEARCH + INSIGHTS how do you know it is working for you?

MEDIA PLANNING & BUYING how visible are you to the people?


Marketing Consultancy

Brands have a responsibility to fulfill, an image to live up to. To deliver a product that answers a consumer’s needs in a specific, inspiring way. Successful brands are not just a good Logo or a clever Baseline. They are an experience that inspire and delight consumers where ever they find it.

Our vast network of distributor and vendor contacts across the MEA region brings your brand alive in every market. Years of trusted and reliable working relationships with major business houses and vendors gives us more brand experience while being the eyes and ears for your brand, on the ground.


Account Planning/Management

Our focused team of experienced professionals ensure a quick turnaround time (TAT), even on the most challenging projects. We expect and deliver thorough groundwork for every client and category with expert market surveys and visits, store checks and vox-pops.

Our insightful creative and media briefing formats are backed by thorough research and sound judgment.


Efficient Media-Planning & Buying

We believe: Maximize cost effectiveness. Minimize cost.

Our strong media coalition and close contact help us buy the best negotiated rates and deals for your brand.

A ‘Best-in-class’ Campaign Post Evaluation Technique that follows leading industry benchmarks like IPSOS & Parc helps deliver top effectiveness for your brand and campaign efficacy.

Our vast and enviable relationships with all major media conglomerates within region for almost 3 decades helps deliver the low cost and helps us pass the benefits of all negotiated rates back to you, our client.


Creative Services

We believe: The best creative is one that gets the job done.

A creative idea that is designed to excite, communicate, most importantly SELL. Our successive campaign across leading brands have proven to meet the client’s objective, Increasing the brand’s footprint while taking revenue graphs higher.

In other words, we are aptly trained to cracking the Big Idea, that delivers.


Below The Line Promotions

The goal : Maximize ROI on every dollar spent

Superior knowledge and rich experience in all BTL & On-Ground work, across all categories: Automobiles, Consumer Durables, Processed Food, Cosmetics, Financial Institutions etc

We follow the ‘turnkey’ approach- from creative concept to final execution Designing creative layouts, Vendor management & Cost negotiation, procuring Government Approvals across all Emirates, managing on-site staff, arranging promoters/ other staff- we are a one stop shop.


Social Digital Media

What we’d like: To continuously evolve with the ever-changing digital interface and consumer attention spans.

Our ever growing curiosity and core communication competencies allow us to create newer possibilities in the Digital and Social media for all our clients. Our key strength, the understanding of creative communication, has helped us develop fresh ideas in the new media that work in tandem with the brand’s offline strategy.

Our long-term investment in creating an entire division dedicated to Online Communication has already equipped us with the required website creation and management capabilities and SEOs. Slowly, but steadily, this division will go a long way in exploiting the online media to its full potential.


Public Relations and Events

Our approach: Good PR is far more than just a press release and we use this understanding to make every brand experience a memorable one for your consumer.

A substantial experience in key PR functions like Crisis Management, Change Management, Strategic Counseling / Planning, fostering media relations, Media Monitoring and Reporting has strengthened our core ability to create a ‘genuine’ buzz for our brands.

A strength that sets us apart as exemplified by our PR campaigns for ASUS and Tilda Rice being the envy of the region.


Our Work

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Join our League of Extraordinary Creators and Arguers. We have always maintained a close-knit family of thinkers, creators, do-ers, strategists, planners and the cheerleaders who come together, every time, to deliver the impossible, the unimaginable.

Here ambition is inspired and every effort celebrated. We learn from each other and encourage debates and differences of opinion, just so that our thinking and our solutions, are smarter. We are supportive of one another and energetic enough to create an enjoyable and a rewarding place to be.

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